Import a Car from Dubai to the UK

Importing a gulf / GCC spec vehicle into the UK can be complex depending on the age of the vehicle. If under ten years of age it will need to go through the DVSA’s Individual Approval Testing.

For Gulf-spec cars modifications mainly include changing the fog light to the right hand side. Displaying MPH on the dashboard (usually by replacing the speedometer fascia or programming the digital readout to display MPH). Then ensuring headlights have the correct beam patterns for the UK.

If the vehicle is over ten years old modifications are still required to get through an MOT.

All imports from Dubai will be subject to import duties and taxes. Unless you have owned the vehicle at least 6 months and lived in Dubai at least 12 months.

Prior to shipping a car out of Dubai the local RTA will put the vehicle on export plates.

Jebel Ali in Dubai is the most popular port from which to ship a car to the UK.

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Source: ShipMyCar