Import a car from Europe to UK

It is currently relatively easy to move a car from Europe and import permanently to the UK. This may well change with the arrival of Brexit. We will keep this car import guide updated with the latest news as and when it breaks.

For left hand drive cars under 10 years old you need to apply for a Mutual Recognition Certificate. Obtain this certificate from the VCA. To apply you need a European Certificate of Conformity along with evidence that your car has been modified for UK roads. Ensure that the headlights, rear fog lights and speedometer are changed or adapted.

Vehicles that are over 10 years old must also have modifications, as above, in order to pass the MOT Test.

Many people moving to the UK find it cost effective to bring their cars with them. Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the Republic of Ireland are all popular imports to the UK.

Source: Ship My Car