Importing a car from Australia

Importing a vehicle (under 10 years old) from Australia to the UK can be very difficult if not impossible if you have not already owned the vehicle in Australia and are re-locating permanently to live in the UK.

Your car will need an IVA Test if it is under 10 years old. You must prove that you have lived in Australia for at least 12 months. You must also show that you have owned and insured the car for at least 6 months. As your car is right-hand drive the authorities here make it very difficult in order to protect the UK car market. Tick these boxes and you will get your IVA Test.

Your car will need necessary modifications to pass the IVA test. Mainly conversion of speedometer to MPH and the addition of a rear fog light.

If your car is over 10 years old it will need the above modifications but just an MOT test pass for UK registration.

All imports from Australia will be subject to import duties and taxes. Unless of course you have owned the vehicle for 6 months and lived in Australia at least 12 months and are re-locating to the UK permanently.

If you are moving to the UK you can apply for Transfer of Residency (TOR1 form) so your belongings (house contents, car etc) can be moved to the UK without paying tax and duty.

Cars imported from Australia can be shipped safely via shipping containers or RoRo (Roll-on-Roll-off). Main ports include Sydney, Melbourne, Fremantle / Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane.

Source: Ship My Car – Australia Car Import Guide UK